For the Sew Knot Fare logo, the goal was to match the charm of the punny name while communicating the quality of the brand. 

The following problems needed solving:

  • Appeal to crafty Pinterest and Etsy lovers, moms and 20/30 somethings who value quality and cleverness over cheap prices
  • Consideration for application on a variety of platforms and various scales
  • Stand out from the many other crafters on Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Elicit simple, quaint, crisp, vintage, and delightful feelings

This is one of many pages of sketches I made in the preliminary exploration:

I decided to go with a brush script style and went on to explore many different versions:

I avoided any cliche sewing references in imagery to stand out from the crowd of crafters out there. The name speaks for itself. There is, however, a subtle nod to sewing in the loop flourishes of the capital letters. The vintage style with a modern feel achieves the timelessness of the Sew Knot Fare's quality products and a hip twist for the younger savvy craft connoisseur.


The colors give a vintage feeling while also popping. They lean towards a feminine audience without alienating the masculine.