Griffins “You’re My Jam” Piece

I was approached by Breakout Room/MBM to create lettering for Griffins Mother’s Day social media campaign. They wanted photorealistic 3D type made of strawberry jam, seeds and all. Photographer and food stylist Noumi O’Flaherty took the letters and created a beautiful composition around the food typography.

You can check out the 3D illustration inspiration for this piece That’s My Jam.


3D Photorealistic Strawberry Jam Lettering for Griffins biscuits “You’re My Jam”

You’re My Jam Options

You’re My Jam Food Lettering by Noah Camp
Raspberry Jam 3D typography by Noah Camp

You’re My Jam Closeups

You’re My Jam closeup by Noah Camp
You’re My Jam Strawberry Jam Lettering by Noah Camp